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Welcome to Horse Racing Programs Online, your source on the web for the finest Thorougbred, Quarter Horse and Harness official past performance race programs. At this time, only the Chicagoland Live past performance Thoroughbred and Harness programs are available for purchase at $1.00 each.

Maywood Park
Thursday and Friday
Balmoral Park
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
Hawthorne Racecourse
October 1 through December 31
Arlington Park Begins
May 1 through September 30, 2013

National Harness Racing

On this site you will be able to check out your favorites - Where they're racing and who they're racing against - Then you can purchase the official track program with past performances for $1.00 each when available.

National Thoroughbred RacingAt this time information is available to check out individual Horse Racing Pari-mutuel cards, Nationwide, as they become available. This information will be available for you to view at no charge for Today, Tomorrow and the Next Day's racing. Be aware that the tomorrow and next day listing of tracks that are running may not be complete. Check for updates. Be sure you choose the correct date and track.

REMEMBER...Only Chicagoland Live Past Performance Racing Programs are available for purchase at this time.

You will have the option of choosing the individual track and their index of Horses, Jockeys/Drivers, Trainers and Owners that are running live and simulcast on the Chicagoland and National scene by using the buttons at the top of the page.

At the left of the screen you'll note there is a combined alpha index for National Thoroughbred and Harness racing for today, tomorrow and the next day. Keep in mind that the indexes will change as the information comes in - when you find your selection it will tell you what track and what race your choice is in.

Under the Information Heading, at the left, you can check the weekly schedule of live racing and Simulcast racing in Chicago and the state of Illinois and where you can place your wager. If you are interested in a track that is not listed on our site please e-mail us:

Also note that there is a link to all Illinois horse racing facilities and Off-Track Betting Parlors where you can get the latest individual news and updates.

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